My Fitness Journey with the Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is considered to be the Best Home Workouts Program For Women”. I found out if its worth all the hype!


This Venus Factor review assesses a weight loss system which has been created specifically for the female body. In a nutshell, it’s a twelve-week weight loss program which will enable women to re-balance their hormonal levels and reduce their food cravings and dress size.


Delivering nutritional and dietary guidance to its customers, it also consists of an exercise program which you can complete at home.


About The Author


John Barban has worked in the health supplement industry for the past 10 years and, after undertaking some comprehensive research, came across shocking information regarding Leptin levels in the female body.


He applied this data as the basis to produce a extensive weight loss program which would go on to revolutionist how women lose weight providing one of the greatest at home workouts for women.


How Does It Work?


Barban discovered during his study into female biology that the amount of Leptin in a woman’s body regulates her ability to lose weight and remain fit. As women get older and have kids, they are more resistant to Leptin, which results in a reduction in the fat burning properties of their bodies.


Women need to approach their workout entirely differently than men do to make certain they stay in shape as a result of this hormone, as well as other factors such as:


Increased Hormone Levels: Women have greater levels of the fat burning hormone Leptin within their bodies, in truth they possess double the amount as men, however;


Stronger Resistance: A woman’s body is designed to withstand the effects more solidly than men, particularly as they age and have children;


Fasting Does Not Work: Whenever men fast they’re able to lose weight efficiently and quickly, however when women fast their amount of Leptin drops quickly making it tougher for them to shed the weight.


Such discoveries resulted in the creation of the Venus Factor weight loss plan, which uses the Metabolic Override (MOR) to raise the levels of Leptin in women by means of dietary changes in addition to a detailed twelve-week exercise program.


Whats Included In The Program?


A Workout Program. Outlined step-by-step. You won’t need any extra pricey equipment for the exercises, they can either be done at home, at the gym or outdoors. When clicking on one of the workouts in the book, you’ll see a video demonstration of the routines. This really is helpful.


The Guide. All the tough science enclosed in an easy to read book. I’ve always stated that in order to shed weight, and keep it off, it is essential to understand the reason you are carrying out the certain steps.


The Virtual Nutritionist. This app will, calculate precisely what your body requires during the day with regards to proteins and calories. It is a easy, yet highly effective, tool. You will find, your body changes during the diet. Your metabolic rate and suggested calorie intake will change consequently. This smart app makes it simple.


The Venus Community. This one thing alone is worth the cost of the program. It is a private members area. In this forum, you are able to connect with other users and monitor your progress.


It is completely different from any other weight loss forum, because it is members only. All users are encouraged to do the 12 week plan, and provide their motivation and tips. This is where it surpasses all other at home workouts for women.


What Kind Of Results Can I Expect To See?


Generally, if you lose 10lbs, it is going to look like you’ve lost twice that, as you’re targeting the troublesome areas. For those that have a fat mid-section, men’s thighs or a a massive butt, once you slim those areas, your weight loss is going to be a lot more noticeable.


This really is fantastic since I’m certain you’ve had the same troubles as me before: you work hard to shed weight however it goes from the wrong places. Most of the Venus transformation competition winners reach their best figure anywhere between 18% to 22%” however your targets are highly individual to you.


Before And After





Final Thoughts


The Venus Factor program is one of the very few plans developed only for women which is supported by considerable research by one of the top fitness instructors in the industry.


John Barban stresses that the reason for the program is to ensure longevity in health and fitness, not just to shed weight. It is essential to ensure that you are being healthy whilst you’re reaching your weight loss targets, and that you are producing sustainable changes so that your life changes forever.


While this program is not a magic pill, and needs commitment and motivation to see results, the Venus Community is going to support you 110% of the way. If you want a change in your life and an opportunity to be toned and fit, then this is the ideal choice for you.


The Venus Factor weight loss program is formulated to create lasting change in your life and only needs you to go through the step by step program to succeed. This truly is one of the best at home workouts for women.


Start your journey today….


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